In the Sibfords today ...

9.30 am Village Hall Mums,Tots and Babes
2.30 pm Holy Trinity Church Burial of Joyce Keane

... and tomorrow

7.00 pm Holy Trinity Church Carol Service

Faster broadband in the Sibfords (December update)

You may have noticed the shiny new green cabinet that has appeared next to the scruffy telephone cabinet in Pound Lane. This is a sign that superfast broadband is coming to Sibford Gower soon - probably early in the new year. Residents in the main part of the village can look forward to download speeds of 40Mbps or more, although their monthly bill will probably increase if they choose to switch from the current "up to 8Mbps" ADSL service (which will continue to be available). Read more »

No more mobile library in the Ferris?

Oxfordshire CC is reviewing the mobile library service and is inviting comments from the public between 6 October and 31 December 2014.

They are not reducing the mobile library service budget, but they do wish to deliver the services in a different way. They currently propose that the mobile library will no longer stop in Sibford Ferris, but will continue to visit Sibford Gower. Read more »

Get fit for free in the Ferris

Five pieces of outdoor gym equipment have recently been purchased and installed by the Ferris Parish Council in the grounds of Sibford School, adjacent to the Multi-Use Games Area.

There is now an opportunity, for all those over 14 years of age, to use the various pieces of equipment each of which offers a different form of exercise. Children under 14 are not sufficiently physically developed and should not use the equipment as it may cause them physical injury.

Each piece of equipment has its own instructions for use. These explain how to use the equipment and the benefits to be gained. They are used entirely at your own risk.

The five pieces are: Read more »

Glass recycling

Glass recycling containers are available at the Wykham Arms and just outside Sibford Ferris at The Elm crossroads.

How to avoid an event clash

When you are planning a coffee morning, a plant sale or some other village event, make sure you do these things before publishing the date and time of the event: Read more »

Sibfords historic village trail

Have you walked the circular historic village trail? Download the leaflet from Cherwell District Council.