In the Sibfords today ...

10.00 am Village Hall Karate

... and tomorrow

Snoozing smileyIt looks as if everyone is having a quiet day tomorrow.

Reduced bus service is likely

The future of our local bus service 50A between Stratford-upon-Avon and Banbury has been in doubt since Oxfordshire CC announced that subsidies would end in July 2016. Currently, the 50A service is run by Stagecoach on a commercial basis between Stratford and Shipston but is subsidised by Warwickshire CC and Oxfordshire CC between Shipston and Banbury.

Warwickshire CC have just (March 2016) put out a request to potential operators to bid for providing a service between Shipston and Banbury after July, so it is very likely that the service will continue. However, their proposed timetable reduces the service from seven trips per day in each direction to four. Read more »

Best village in Britain?

The Times (16 March 2016) puts The Sibfords at number one in a list of the 20 best villages in the south of Britain.

Slightly faster broadband for Ferris and Burdrop

Without fanfare, BT have recently (mid-January 2016) upgraded the Swalcliffe exchange to provide slightly faster broadband for all. In technical terms, they have upgraded the ADSL Max service (with speeds up to 8Mbps), to ADSL2+, which offers up to 24Mbps, depending on your distance from the exchange. Read more »

Volunteer Connect

Volunteer Connect, which is supported by Cherwell District Council, runs a volunteer transport scheme that helps people with problems accessing public transport and who cannot get to important appointments.

If you need help getting to the doctor, hospitals, dentist, other medical appointments, etc. they will endeavour to find a local, vetted volunteer driver to get you there and back. The price is 45p per mile to cover the cost of petrol. Call 0300 3030 125 if you need help with a journey, or to just register. Read more »

Get fit for free in the Ferris

Five pieces of outdoor gym equipment have recently been purchased and installed by the Ferris Parish Council in the grounds of Sibford School, adjacent to the Multi-Use Games Area.

There is now an opportunity, for all those over 14 years of age, to use the various pieces of equipment each of which offers a different form of exercise. Children under 14 are not sufficiently physically developed and should not use the equipment as it may cause them physical injury.

Each piece of equipment has its own instructions for use. These explain how to use the equipment and the benefits to be gained. They are used entirely at your own risk.

The five pieces are: Read more »

Glass recycling

Glass recycling containers are available at the Wykham Arms and just outside Sibford Ferris at The Elm crossroads.

How to avoid an event clash

When you are planning a coffee morning, a plant sale or some other village event, make sure you do these things before publishing the date and time of the event: Read more »

Sibfords historic village trail

Have you walked the circular historic village trail? Download the leaflet from Cherwell District Council.