Tuesday 14 August 2018

In the Sibfords today ...

7.00 am Sibfords & Burdrop Blue & Brown bin collection

What goes in what bin?


... and tomorrow

8.45 am Holy Trinity Church Morning Prayer
12.00 pm Village Hall Sibford Lunch Club[Fielding]
8.00 pm Village Hall "Dance Addiction"

        "Dance Addiction" sessions of Ballroom Dancing . [ Not for beginners]

        For more information...

Older People's Strategy for Oxfordshire

The NHS in Oxfordshire is developing a new Older People’s Strategy that will outline how all health and care organisations across Oxfordshire will work together to help older people to stay as fit and healthy as possible for as long as possible; and, if they need more help, how to ensure organisations work together to support their needs.

For more information and to take part in a short survey, visit the website.

Parish Clerk Vacancy

Sibford Gower Parish Council is looking for a part-time Parish Clerk. See the attached notice for details.

Police Community Forum

From Banbury Police Station: The community forum group is an opportunity for you to have a voice when it comes to policing your community! The purpose of these meetings is for you to help us understand what really matters to you. Our aims are to build community resilience and take early action to resolve local priorities. We already have members of the pubic from lots of other Community groups in attendance and this is a great way of working together to create a safer neighbourhood. The next Banbury Rural community forum is on 29th August at 1830 at Deddington Fire Station. Please contact Banbury NHPT community forum at banburytownnhpt@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk if you would like to attend.

Ride + Stride

A message from the Oxfordshire Ride and Stride County Organiser: Over the last 54 years, Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust has given in grants several million pounds to churches and chapels of all Christian denominations in Oxfordshire to help maintain them and save roofs, stained glass, wall paintings and much more. Recently we have been supporting the installation of roof alarms for churches who have had, or are vulnerable to, lead thefts and of recent years given substantial grants towards making the buildings more useful to the local community - for example by the installation of kitchens, loos, extra rooms and more. Read more »

Sibfords SwiftCam 2018

Sadly only with us for too short a time, our swifts have flown off to Africa for the winter. We shall miss their wheeling and screaming. However, we know that one pair raised a brood of three, and a second pair made themselves at home here, so we can look forward to two pairs breeding next year.

More pictures here.

Walks near Sibford

We are blessed with great walking country around the Sibfords. Visit the Sibford Walkers webpage for maps of over 50 circular walks. Each map page includes a link to download a GPX track of the walk; open this in the right smartphone app (such as OS Maps) and you won't get lost. Photo above is from a walk around Brailes Hill. Read more »

The Town Estate Charity

The Town Estate Charity Sibford Gower and Burdrop has a remit to use surplus funds for three purposes:

  • the general benefit of the parish,
  • to help the primary school
  • to "relieve either generally or individually persons in conditions of need, hardship or distress" (relief-in-need).

The Charity would welcome applications for grants from residents of Sibford Gower and Burdrop, particularly for the relief-in-need category. Please contact the secretary, Peter Morgan (petermorgan2@hotmail.co.uk) or one of the trustees.

Stable and grazing available

Sibford Gower's Town Estate Charity has one stable and one stable area, both with grazing, available at its Wheathills Livery Yard (Acre Ditch).  This is a small yard with a quiet secure location and is operated wholly on a DIY basis.

For further information, including pricing, please contact Peter Morgan, Secretary of the Town Estate Charity, on 01295 788 207.


Fix My Street

The most reliable way to report problems with roads and local amenities, such as

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Dog Fouling
  • Drainage
  • Flyposting or graffiti
  • Flytipping or litter
  • Pavements
  • Streetcleaning
  • Unlit lampposts
  • Potholes
  • Overhanging trees

is via FixMyStreet. If you can, take a photograph of the problem first and have it ready to upload with your report.


Nextdoor social network

Nextdoor is a relatively new social network designed specifically for local communities. Locally it runs with the Ferris and Gower as separate neighbourhoods, but it does share information between them. It claims about 90 members in the Gower (although there are reasons to doubt that so many are active participants) and nearly 20 in the Ferris. Recently it has helped people sell a Rayburn, find a mobile hairdresser, give away tennis balls, find a lift into Chippie - the list goes on. Do take a look.