January 2018: The current status remains that "superfast" broadband is available in Sibford Gower (cabinet 4) and Burdrop (cabinet 7). Everyone else has access to ADSL2+, offering download speeds of "up to" 24 Mbps; in practice if you get 15 Mbps you are doing very well. The map below only shows measurements made since the upgrade to ADSL2+ in January 2016.

The Oxfordshire Better Broadband coverage map shows that postcodes in Sibford Ferris will be upgraded to superfast broadband by December 2018.

Sugarnet provide high-speed wireless broadband in Swalcliffe and may be able to offer a service to Sibford residents.

There are various websites where you can measure your broadband speed. We currently favour

Your telephone line is connected to the exchange via a street cabinet, marked on the map below by a coloured triangle. You can discover the number of the cabinet you are connected to by entering your phone number at

You can check if superfast broadband is available to you by entering your phone number at

The map below shows only those respondents who have given permission for their location to be shown (the complete list is in the table below the map). Each respondent is marked with their measured download speed in Mb/s and coloured to show which street cabinet they are connected to. Contact Tim if you are happy for your location to be shown too; your name and address are not made public.

Click on the zoom bar on the left to zoom in and separate overlapping entries. Click and drag anywhere on the map to re-position it.

The mean download speed of the 5 readings is 25.3 Mb/s. In the Ferris (3 readings) it is 11.8 Mb/s and in the Gower (2 readings) 45.5 Mb/s.

Click a heading to sort on that column. Click the same heading again to reverse the order.

Village Cabinet Download speedsort icon ISP Upload speed On map
Sibford Gower 4 56.0 Mb/s Plusnet 18.0 Mb/s Yes
Sibford Gower 4 35.0 Mb/s EE 8.0 Mb/s Yes
Sibford Ferris 5 12.9 Mb/s PlusNet 0.9 Mb/s Yes
Sibford Ferris 5 12.4 Mb/s BT 1.0 Mb/s Yes
Sibford Ferris 5 10.0 Mb/s 0.6 Mb/s Yes