Election nominations

Cherwell District Council has published the nomination lists for the 2018 Parish Council and District Council elections. You can view them here.

Since fewer than five persons were nominated in both Ferris and Gower, there will be no Parish Council elections. The new councils will need to co-opt additional members.

There will be an election for two District Councillors in the Cropredy, Sibfords and Wroxton ward. The third member for the ward is Councillor George Reynolds, whose term of office continues until May 2020.

Sibford_Ferris_Parish_Council_SoPN.pdf6.09 KB
Sibford_Gower_Parish_Council_SoPN.pdf6.46 KB
Cropredy_Sibfords_and_Wroxton_Statement_of_Persons_Nominated.pdf8.05 KB