Hook Norton Road development

31 Jan: There is further delay in progressing the planning application to allow time for a thorough archaeological survey. The application will come before the CDC Planning Committee on 18 April at the earliest. Comments may continue to be submitted at least until that date.

22 Jan: The CDC website currently indicates that consultation on this planning application is continuing up to Friday 8th February. So it's not too late to send in your comments.

21 Nov: about 50 people attended the Parish Council meeting on Monday. Many people spoke against the development, and none in favour. The Parish Council decided to object to the outline planning application and will be sending their comments to Cherwell District Council. The Chair encouraged everyone to send in their own comments. The Sibford Action Group has produced a briefing note with a thorough analysis of the planning application; contact the Group at sibfordactiongroup@gmail.com to obtain a copy.

14 Nov: Sibford Ferris Parish Council will discuss the outline planning application on Monday 19 November at 7.45pm in the upstairs Sports Hall classroom of Sibford School. Click on the satellite image below for a pointer to the classroom entrance.

10 Nov: The CDC website says that consultation on this application will end on Friday 30 November. Until that time, you may submit comments on the application; you can find out how to do that on this CDC webpage.

9 Nov: The outline planning application has just been published on the CDC website.