Parvovirus outbreak

Updated 8 August: There has been speculation about the exact location, but the important thing to remember is that care is needed with puppies and old or ill dogs, whenever and wherever they are walked. Healthy, fully vaccinated, dogs are not at risk.

A local resident sends the following warning: "We would like to report an outbreak of the very contagious canine parvovirus in the Sibfords area, which has put our 6-month old puppy into intensive care. This virus can prove fatal for some dogs without the proper vaccinations and/or poor immunity systems (eg young dogs). The virus can be spread just by your dog sniffing infected dogs faeces. We have come to the conclusion that our dog may have contacted the disease via fox faeces as she rarely leaves our property. The symptoms can develop anywhere between 3 and 10 days after contact. The most worrying thing is that the virus can live in the ground for up to 1 year! Please spread the word. You can find further information on the virus here."