News 9: March 2012 - New Clubs and Societies

New Clubs Night

7.30pm on Tuesday 17th April 2012 in the Village Hall.

Refreshments available.

Come along to get things started!

If you’re interested or want to take part but cannot be there please leave your name and contact details, phone or e-mail, with Joan Broady (T: 780 410) or Sue Mattinson
(T: 780 471) who will pass your details to the new club organisers.

The Working Groups are busy examining all of the responses received in the Questionnaire and will be taking these into account in preparing actions and opportunities for inclusion in the Final Plan.

Meanwhile, there are opportunities we can act on right now as a result of your replies to some of the questions. In particular we can provide a starting point for setting up some new Clubs and Societies that have been suggested.

Question 51 in the Questionnaire was: "Would any of the following 'club' activities interest you?"

Your replies showed a sizeable interest in the following:


Number of Responses

Chess Club19
Bridge Club21
Drama Club53
Coffee/Social Club28
Book Club45
General Games Club28
Walking Club97
Youth Club47

These will all be voluntary organisations RUN BY YOU, with Adult Leader(s) for a Youth Club. The Book Club would be additional to the Sibford School Community Reading Group and other informal Book Clubs held in the villages.

To give YOU the opportunity to start these clubs the COMMUNITY PLAN will hold a NEW CLUBS NIGHT for all who are interested in any of these, and to come and chat with others.

Richard Hartree, Chair Steering Group, Tel: 788 215