SGPC Policies & Procedures

SGPC Policies & Procedures

The Sibford Gower Parish Council develops Policies & Procedures to govern and guide its day-to-day business.

Our Policies & Procedures are based on National and County models where applicable, but modified where appropriate to reflect our local needs and the scale of our activity.

Our current SGPC Policies & Procedures are attahced below ...

The new Sibford Gower Parish Council will be undertaking a full review of all our Policies & Procedures over the coming year, aimed at balancing national and county best practice with simplicity and appropriateness to our scale. Revised documents will be published on this website once approved and signed off by the full Parish Council.



SGPC Asset Register UNDER REVIEW.pdf85.64 KB
SGPC Code of Conduct UNDER REVIEW.pdf98.5 KB
SGPC Financial Regulations UNDER REVIEW.pdf117.67 KB
SGPC Planning Committee ToR UNDER REVIEW.pdf144.17 KB
SGPC Standing Orders UNDER REVIEW.pdf69.87 KB