Recent planning applications

Applications are removed from this page after about 6 months, but can still be found on the Cherwell District Council website.

Last updated Village CDC Reference (click to view) Received by CDC on Status
19-Sep-17 Sibford Ferris

Discharge of condition 9 (Landscaping Scheme) of 15/01863/F - Land Adjoining And West Of The Small House Between Back Lane And Main Street Sibford Ferris

Wed 19-Jul-17 Application Permitted
15-Sep-17 Sibford Gower

Discharge of condition 3 (car parking spaces) of 16/00805/F - 5 Barley Close Sibford Gower Banbury OX15 5RZ

Thu 15-Jun-17 Pending Decision
14-Sep-17 Burdrop Replacement windows, replacement front door and frame and repointing exterior walls. - Westside Cottage Burdrop Banbury OX15 5RJ Thu 7-Sep-17 Pending Consideration
06-Sep-17 Sibford Gower Change of use from agricultural to dog day care. No dogs are kept on site overnight. Small extension to current building to allow for indoor kennels and exercise area. - OS Parcel 4702 South West Of Tyne Hill Farm Hawkes Lane Sibford Gower Fri 18-Aug-17 Pending Consideration
01-Sep-17 Sibford Ferris

Dropped kerb to existing driveway - April Cottage Main Street Sibford Ferris Banbury OX15 5RE

Mon 26-Jun-17 Application Permitted
19-Aug-17 Sibford Ferris Variation of condition 2 of 16/00959/F - Revised garage design and materials - High Rock Hook Norton Road Sibford Ferris Banbury OX15 5QW Fri 11-Aug-17 Pending Consideration
08-Aug-17 Sibford Ferris

Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Development for erection of single storey rear extension - Barn Cottage 2 Home Farm Court Main Street Sibford Ferris Banbury OX15 5QT

Thu 18-May-17 Application Permitted
04-Aug-17 Sibford Gower

Demolition of stone garage with asbestos roof - Hadlands Bonds End Lane Sibford Gower Banbury OX15 5RT

Tue 4-Jul-17 Prior Approval Not Required
03-Aug-17 Sibford Gower Proposed extension - Littlebury Backside Lane Sibford Gower Banbury OX15 5RS Wed 26-Jul-17 Pending Consideration
20-Jul-17 Sibford Ferris

Discharge condition 5 (tile samples) of 16/00959/F - Stewarts Yard Stewarts Court Sibford Ferris

Wed 24-May-17 Application Permitted
18-Jul-17 Sibford Ferris

Discharge of Conditions 5 (vision splay), 6 (material schedule), 7 (sample of roof material), 8 (natural stone sample panel), 14 (details of enclosures), 16 (bat and bird boxes) and 17 (lighting scheme) of 15/01863/F - The Small House Small House Sibford Ferris Banbury OX15 5RG

Tue 16-May-17 Application Permitted
12-Jul-17 Sibford Ferris

Conversion of the existing agricultural building and an equal area of land to residential use - Austin Grounds Farm Hook Norton Road Sibford Ferris Banbury OX15 5QR

Mon 15-May-17 Application Permitted
22-Jun-17 Sibford Ferris

Demolition of existing linked garage and separate workshop and the erection of new linked garage and workshop; two storey extension to main house and internal alterations with external alterations to reform the entrance drive - Faraday House Woodway Road Sibford Ferris Banbury OX15 5RF

Wed 26-Apr-17 Application Permitted
08-Jun-17 Sibford Ferris

Non-material amendment to 16/00959/F - Additional rooflights in dining area - Stewarts Yard Stewarts Court Sibford Ferris

Wed 10-May-17 Application Refused
06-Jun-17 Sibford Ferris

Single storey flat roofed extension - height to eaves 3.0m, overall height 3.0m, length 3.8m - 17 Cotswold Close Sibford Ferris Banbury OX15 5QP

Wed 12-Apr-17 Prior Approval Not Required
25-May-17 Sibford Gower

Erection of a conservatory to the rear - Springfield Cottage 4 The Colony Colony Road Sibford Gower Banbury OX15 5RY

Wed 29-Mar-17 Application Permitted
20-May-17 Sibford Gower

Discharge of condition 3 (stone sample) of 16/01262/F - Thurlestone House Backside Lane Sibford Gower Banbury OX15 5RS

Thu 13-Apr-17 Application Permitted