Sibford Ferris Parish Council meetings before May 2015

Agendas and minutes of meetings from January 2013 to March 2015 are attached below. Minutes of earlier meetings are available upon request to the Parish Clerk.

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 2015.pdf404.16 KB
Agenda for APM 2015.pdf177.12 KB
Agenda 9 March 2015.pdf287.71 KB
Minutes of meeting 9 March 2015.pdf669.28 KB
Agenda 12 January 2015.pdf318.72 KB
Minutes of meeting 12 January 2015.pdf492.45 KB
Agenda 24 November 2014.pdf241.96 KB
Minutes of meeting 24 November 2014.pdf488.06 KB
Agenda 8 September 2014.pdf292.04 KB
Minutes of meeting 8 September 2014.pdf475.3 KB
Agenda for APM 2014.pdf177.52 KB
Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 2014.pdf774.6 KB
Agenda 23 June 2014.pdf316.16 KB
Minutes of meeting 23 June 2014.pdf583.08 KB
Agenda APC Meeting June 2014.pdf289.79 KB
Minutes of annual parish council meeting 2 June 2014.pdf751.26 KB
Agenda 17th March 2014.pdf207.29 KB
Minutes of meeting 17th March 2014.pdf629.14 KB
Agenda meeting 13th January 2014.pdf168.68 KB
Minutes of Meeting 13th January 2014.pdf347.51 KB
Agenda meeting on 18th November 2013.pdf174.57 KB
Minutes - Sibford Ferris PC 18th November 2013.pdf322.85 KB
Agenda meeting 9th September 2013.pdf167.98 KB
Minutes - Sibford Ferris PC 9th September 2013.pdf371.11 KB
Agenda meeting 24th June 2013.pdf91.89 KB
Minutes - Sibford Ferris PC 24th June 2013.pdf369.07 KB
Agenda meeting 3rd June 2013.pdf175.98 KB
Minutes of meeting 3rd June 2013.pdf362.32 KB
Minutes of Annual Parish Council Meeting 24th May 2013.pdf274.08 KB
Agenda Annual Parish Meeting 2013.pdf172.54 KB
Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 2013.pdf410.59 KB
Agenda meeting 4th March 2013.pdf147.64 KB
Minutes of Meeting 4th March 2013.pdf381.53 KB
Agenda meeting 14th January 2013.pdf147.22 KB
Minutes of Meeting 14th January 2013.pdf775.14 KB