Sibford Gower (with Burdrop) Parish Council

Notice: Sibford Gower Parish Council Elections 2018

Sibford Gower Parish Council consists of five members elected by the community every four years, with power to fill vacancies by co-opting. Parish Councillors are unpaid and are elected as individuals, not on party lines. We appoint a Parish Clerk who is also our Responsible Finance Officer and administers the council's business. The Council decides on the annual financial precept, which residents pay as part of their Council Tax, and which is used for items of public expenditure in the village. Meetings are public and held every two months in the evening in the Primary School; they are advertised on the village notice board and in the Sibford Scene, as well as on the website. A number of local residents regularly attend, and there is a special slot for them to express their views and raise questions. Our local District and County Councillor also normally comes, and keeps us in touch with wider local government issues.

There is also an Annual Parish Meeting once a year, which attracts a large number of residents; it is attended by representatives of Cherwell and Oxfordshire Councils, the police and other services, and is a good place to air public concerns.

The current members of the Parish Council are: Peter Abbott (Vice-Chairman), Susan Bannister, Oswyn Murray (Chairman), Alan Parkin, Gilian Soden and the Clerk and the Responsible Finance Officer is Peter Hardman - 01295 780391 or email

Sibford Gower Annual Parish Meeting took place on 10th April 2017.  The report of the 2017 APM can be viewed by clicking the relevant link below.
Prior to the above-mentioned Annual Parish Meeting there was a meeting of the Planning Council Committee  with regard to planning applications received since the previous Parish Council Meeting on 20th February 2017.

Sibford Gower Annual Parish Council Meeting took place on 8th May 2017.  The report of the 2017 APCM can be viewed by clicking the relevant link below.

Click here to read the report of the parish council meeting of 9th October 2017.

The next Parish Council Meeting will be on Monday 8th january 2018 in Sibford Gower Endowed Primary School Staff Room starting at 8pm. 

Residents are invited to attend and, if they wish, raise any matters of local interest.

After the formal meeting there will be an opportunity for public discussion.

Planning Applications

No. 18/00007/TCA  Stickleys House, Main Street, Sibford Gower, OX15 5RTSir Stephen Gomersal
Sorbus (Rowan) - Crown reduction by approx 2 meters or suitable growth points. Light crown thin and removal of dead wood.
Observations to reach Cherwell District Council by Friday 26 January 2018. 
No. 17/02579/FWoodhall, Backside Lane. Sibford Gower, Ox15 5RSMr & Mrs Allen

Erection of front and side two storey extension together with a new garage

Observations to reach Cherwell District Council by Thursday1 February 2018.

Click here to go to the Cherwell District Council Planning Application Searchpage.