Thursday 18 January 2018

In the Sibfords today ...

(All day) Deadline for February Sibford Scene
9.15 am Village Hall Mums,Tots and Babes
7.30 pm Village Hall Sibford Players

... and tomorrow

4.00 pm Village Hall Beavers
5.30 pm Village Hall Cubs
5.30 pm Village Hall Scouts

Fix My Street

The most reliable way to report problems with roads and local amenities, such as

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Dog Fouling
  • Drainage
  • Flyposting or graffiti
  • Flytipping or litter
  • Pavements
  • Streetcleaning
  • Unlit lampposts
  • Potholes
  • Overhanging trees

is via FixMyStreet. If you can, take a photograph of the problem first and have it ready to upload with your report.


Traffic lights a good signal

Expect to see traffic lights on the B4035 near the junction with Pound Lane for a couple of weeks from15 January. As you fume at the delay to your journey, keep in mind the happy thought that the works are in aid of bringing a power supply to the site of the new mobile phone mast. Read more »

Nextdoor social network

Nextdoor is a relatively new social network designed specifically for local communities. Locally it runs with the Ferris and Gower as separate neighbourhoods, but it does share information between them. It claims about 90 members in the Gower (although there are reasons to doubt that so many are active participants) and nearly 20 in the Ferris. Recently it has helped people sell a Rayburn, find a mobile hairdresser, give away tennis balls, find a lift into Chippie - the list goes on. Do take a look.

Helping local people into work

The Building Better Opportunities programme, run by EMBS, is aimed at helping unemployed people into work in Oxfordshire. To be eligible participants only need to be 19+ and unemployed (don’t have to be on benefits). What makes EMBS stand out from other similar programmes is the access to free IT courses and facilities, the substantial budget to support people towards their goals and the ability to take on a range of people with complex, moderate or no barriers into employment.

For more information, call or email Sam Mills, 01295 269 999, drop into the EMBS Banbury office at Crown Building, Southam Road, OX16 2EX, or visit the EMBS website.

When "foxhunters, farmers and parsons" built the first council houses in Sibford

Recently published in Municipal Dreams are a couple of interesting articles about the history of the first council houses built by Banbury Rural District Council in the 1920s. These include houses in Main Street, Sibford Gower, nearly opposite the primary school.

Near Death and Manners on a Narrow English Road

Although cyberspace is mind-bogglingly huge, it's not often that Sibford gets a mention. But here's something that caught your webmaster's eye recently: Near Death and Manners on a Narrow English Road.

Parking in Sibford Gower

Sibford Gower Parish Council asks all residents to park considerately, and ensure their workmen and guests do so too. There are three particular problem areas in the Gower and Burdrop:

  • On Main Street at the corner to Bonds End Lane
  • Outside the primary school on the Keep Clear signs
  • At the blind corner just past the church.

Please ensure that there is room for ambulances, buses, milk lorries and tractors at all times.

Glass recycling

Glass recycling containers are available at the Wykham Arms and just outside Sibford Ferris at The Elm crossroads.

How to avoid an event clash

When you are planning a coffee morning, a plant sale or some other village event, make sure you do these things before publishing the date and time of the event: Read more »