Neighbourhood Watch

Recent Neighbourhood Alerts

Changes to FAC SGC Certificate Condition 2 (Thames Valley Police)
Fri 12-Oct-18 21:56
Change to Condition on a Firearm and Shotgun Certificate Condition 2 The Firearms (Amendment) Rules 2018, which amends the Firearms Rules 1998, comes into force on 16th October 2018....  Read more
WARNING FAKE BANK NOTES (Thames Valley Police)
Mon 8-Oct-18 14:11
Police are receiving reports that fake £50 notes are being are being used in the Burford area today 08/10/2018  offenders are entering shops and business and trying to purchase items...  Read more
damage and attemoted theft of motorcycle (Thames Valley Police)
Wed 3-Oct-18 08:45
A possible attempted theft of a motorbike has occurred on Backside Lane, Sibford Gower between the hours of 10am 30th September and 10am 1st October. The ignition mechanism on the bike was...  Read more
ALERT- Fake TV Licensing refund offers (Action Fraud (NFIB))
Fri 21-Sep-18 11:49
Plain Text: Watch out for these fake TV Licensing emails. We’ve seen a sharp increase in reports about fake TV Licensing emails claiming to offer refunds. The emails state that the refund...  Read more

This page provides contact points and sources of information to help you keep yourself and our community safe.

Key telephone numbers

Trading Standards

Oxfordshire Trading Standards deal with scams and bogus callers or tradespeople. They can also help with unwanted phone calls and computer scams. Contact details are here.

Online safety

Visit Get Safe Online.

Crime Prevention

Thames Valley Police provide advice on Crime Prevention on many topics, including oiltank security.

Message in a Bottle

The Message in a Bottle project, organised by the Lions Club, helps the emergency services quickly find details of regular medication and other useful information in your home.


The Master Locksmiths Association provides contact details of local vetted locksmiths.

Neighbourhood Alerts

Thames Valley Police put out regular alerts about crime in the local area, and to give advice on the topics listed on this page. You can sign up to receive these directly, via email, on the Thames Valley Alert website. The most recent alerts for our neighbourhood are listed on this page.

Victim Support

The Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner runs the website Victims First to support victims of crime.