Sibford Gower Parish Council Elections 2018

Parishioners will be aware that the term of office of the current Parish Council ends in May 2018, when new elections are scheduled.

We have been discussing this among ourselves. We have all served at least ten years, and think it is time for a new Parish Council to take over. We therefore give early notice as a group that we are not intending to stand for election again in May.

In order to maintain some form of continuity we have agreed that two councillors should resign from January 2018, and be replaced temporarily by two co-opted members who will hold office until May, when they will stand for election in the usual way. Peter Abbott and Alan Parkin have asked to resign, and  the two individuals who have most kindly agreed to allow themselves to be co-opted are Roger Mallows of Yew Tree House and Sue Tomkins of Parsons Barn Farm In the meantime existing councillors new and old will seek suggestions from the community for new councillors. If we can find three more volunteers, it may be possible to avoid a formal election, which costs the Parish roughly £1000 (or £2 per household).

Of course this is an open election, and any parishioner may stand, but we hope that anyone who is interested will contact the Chairman or the Clerk earlier, so that they can be told of the process for election, and so that the retiring councillors can sponsor them.

In the past our aim has been to seek a committee balanced between various groups in the village, geographically from the pond area, from Burdrop and other parts of the village, in terms of professions, and socially from the retired, newcomers and traditional villagers. We think that part of our success over the years has been that the PC is indeed genuinely representative of all the varied elements in the village, and we would like this to continue.

Peter Hardman (clerk) and Oswyn Murray (chairman)


(click on the image below to se the Notice of Election by the Returning Officer)